The In Living Color Guide
Damon Wayans

"Oswald Bates is every brother who thinks he's educated." -- Keenen Ivory Wayans

Appearances (list in progress)[]

Picture Title/Episode Description Cast
Commercial: United Negro Scholarship Fund
Episode 103
Oswald's nonsensical speech serves as a warning to "keep your butt in school!"
Commercial: Reading is Fundamental
Episode 110
Oswald, now a janitor, appears in a PSA from the President's Council on Literacy.
Commercial: AT&T
Episode 205, Episode 221
Oswald uses the service to talk to a fellow prisoner who speaks his language.
  • Prisoner - Keenen
  • Announcer - Crystal
Commercial: Read in Jail
Episode 210
Barbara Bush somehow has the ability to understand Oswald.
  • Barbara Bush - Kelly
  • Warden - David
  • Buddy - extra
  • John - extra
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Oswald Bates on Parole
Episode 215
The parole board reviews Oswald’s case, which doesn’t look good.
  • Parole board members - Crystal, Wonderful Smith, extras
  • Bailiff - Dwayne Wayans
Visiting Day
Episode 225
Oswald gets a visit from his son, and tries to tell him the facts of life.
  • Oswald's baby mama - Kim
  • Lil' G - Jamal Hassan
Trailer: The Silence of the Lambs II
Episode 302
Jack and Clarice need Oswald's help in deciphering a criminal's message.
  • Dr. Jack Crawford - Jim
  • Clarice Starling - Kelly
  • Prisoners - extras
  • Miggs - Shawn

Note: Oswald Bates makes an appearance with Jim Carrey as Nick Nolte in 48 Hours Again