"I'm hip, I'm slick, and all the women love my GI Joe with the kung-fu grip!"

He's not Rick James, but close … Leonard, aka Frenchie, is a grinning, greasy, Jheri-curled, Gremlin-driving horndog who always weasels his way back into your life whether or not you're prepared for it. Much like Pepe LePew, he speaks bad French and drives away almost everyone he approaches, blissfully unaware of the negative impression he makes. He'll come to a party equipped with Cold Duck, chitlins and hot sauce, and he'll get the pianist to play "Super Freak" while leading a dance line. Yet somehow, by the end of the sketch, he seems to save the day and show that he's not such a bad guy after all.

Appearances (list in progress)[edit | edit source]

Picture Title/Episode Description Cast
Frenchie - Partay Animal
Episode 206
Frenchie tracks down his friend Benny at a fundraiser for dolphins.
In-joke: Frenchie says he was the tambourine player for Cephus and Reesie.
  • Benny - Tommy
  • Guests, pianist - extras
  • Valet - Carlos Mencia
Bachelor Party
Episode 216
Frenchie crashes Benny’s bachelor party, equipped with Cold Duck and a tape of Disco Godfather. At the last minute, he actually comes through with some call girls.
  • Benny - Tommy
  • Host - David
  • Call girls - extras

Opera House
Episode 225
Frenchie tracks down Janice at the opera house, reminding her of a night she'd rather forget. Due to his presence, the opera house earns more donation money out of pity.

Opera singer: WHAT IS-A THIS?? You are the biggest buffoon I have ever met!
Frenchie: Ah, gotcha! I'm a baritone!

  • Janice - Crystal
  • Mrs. Beaumont - Kelly
  • Guests - extras
  • Opera singer - Jim
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