Season Season 2
Episode no. 15
No. in series 28
Air date 2/10/1991
Production code 7U15

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Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen’s grandmother is not an effective boom operator.
Benita Buttrell: Neighborhood Watch
While on patrol at the Hopkins Housing Projects, Benita dishes dirt on Easterlee, 15-year-old Russell, and Peabody Scott, but not Miss Jenkins -- oh, wait ...
  • Benita Buttrell - Kim
  • Neighbor - Crystal
White White Baby
Parody of: Ice Ice Baby
Vanilla Ice, the most ridiculed figure in hip-hop history, makes his “debut” on the show. Jim Carrey’s finest moment.
Cut from the DVD release.
An audience member can be heard saying "Look at that hair ..."
  • Vanilla Ice - Jim
  • Dancers - 2 Four 2
Al MacAfee at the School Dance
After hitting on Ruth again, Al challenges John to a fight, ruins a boy’s tuxedo, and mistakes the Heimlich maneuver for “doing the nasty”.
  • Al MacAfee - David
  • Ruth - Kim
  • John Tyler - extra
  • Students - Crystal, Tommy, extras
Oswald Bates on Parole
The parole board reviews Oswald’s case, which doesn’t look good.
Parole board member: How would you support yourself, Mr. Bates, considering that your reading comprehension has gone down every year since you’ve been in prison?
Oswald: A very vaginative proposition, my man — that is to say, prostitution, pertaining to the Kotex, y’understand — of the argument. I myself have enema-patized my illiquidation, therefore, ergo, i.e., that is the instigation, which is excessive cleavage, shall we say. So let me clari-fly — or, excuse me, clit-ify — in other words, I’d probably teach.
  • Oswald Bates - Damon
  • Parole board members - Crystal, Wonderful Smith, extras
  • Bailiff - Dwayne Wayans
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - “Come On Let’s Move It,” Special Ed [changed for the DVD release]
Trailer: My Dark Conscience
A story about a maid taken from her home, and a white woman’s passionate yet passive attitude towards slavery in South Africa.
  • Narrator/protagonist - Kelly
  • Jacinta - Crystal
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Commercial: Fruit of the Loom Boxers
The three champs star in an underwear commercial.
Sugar Ray: I’m an apple, because I was so polished in the ring.
Ali: And I’m a banana, because I was good to a ripe old age.
Bob: [to Mike] Why are you a bunch of grapes?
Mike: Because some bitch stomped all over me.
  • Bob - Jim
  • Mike Tyson - Keenen
  • Sugar Ray Leonard - Tommy
  • Muhammad Ali - David
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Jim closes the show and dances.
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