Season Season 1
Episode no. 10
No. in series 10
Air date 6/24/1990

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Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen reveals to the audience that Mike Tyson invited him to the next fight, and wonders if it's a setup.
Commercial: Michael Jackson Potato Head Kit
Now you and your family can have hours of fun with potatoes, jheri curl wigs and fake noses.
  • Wife - Kim Coles
  • Husband - David
  • Son - Tommy
  • Announcer - David
Trailer: Disc Jockey, Death Jockey
Shawn Wayans, aka DJ SW1, has just scored an action movie deal.
  • Woman, fighters - extras
  • Themselves - Shawn, Keenen & Damon
Commercial: Reading is Fundamental
Oswald, now a janitor, appears in a PSA from the President's Council on Literacy.
Little Miss Trouble
In detention, hyperactive troublemaker Edna Louise plays head tricks on her nerdy classmate Parnel.
  • Edna Louise - Kelly
  • Teacher - Kim Wayans
  • Parnel - Jim
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em," Eric B. & Rakim
Uncle Joe's Fairy Tales and Barbecue Recipes
The story of Rapunzle, who don't live here no more. Insert hair weave gag.
  • Uncle Joe (voice) - Tommy
  • Prince - David
  • Batwinda - Kim Wayans

Old Train
Senile Don Cornelius hosts a geriatric spoof of Soul Train, with special guests Fine Young Cannibals.
Don: As you both know, you have 20 seconds to correctly unscramble the name of a very famous talking horse, and I'll give you a hint: it's not Lionel Richie.
  • Don Cornelius - Keenen
  • Stagehand - Tommy
  • Old Train dancers - extras
  • FYC lead singer - Damon
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "Revolutionary Generation," Public Enemy (misspelled in the end credits)

Wild World of Sports
Vera DeMilo wins the 10th annual Sweethearts bodybuilding competition.
Roger: What is that bulge in front of your trousers?
Vera: Now now, a girl's gotta have her little secrets! (neighs)
  • Roger Spitman - David
  • Sara Sunkist - Lisa
  • Carla Meals - Diedre
  • Vera DeMilo - Jim
  • Bart - extra
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